With 7 Brazilian jiu jitsu blackbelts, the valleys only Muay Thai kickboxing program, and the areas oldest Judo program, HYBRID has everything you need, and it's all under 1 roof...
These are the most highly respected, proven martial arts in the world.  And they're all available here, with the highest ranking, and in most cases, the only certified instructors in the valley.
           The popularity of the UFC & MMA has taken the world by storm.  In doing so, it has exposed what works and what doesn't in martial arts.  Here, we do not break boards, do kata's or use impractical weapons.  They are not bad things, it's just not what we do.  We understand that you need to get in, learn how to functionally defend yourself, get a great workout and get back to your busy life.  We offer classes for self-defense, for fitness, and for competition.  Classes average 18-20 people per night to give you a serious challenge yet also keep you from being a number.  There is at least 1 blackbelt present every night, and frequently 4-5 are in-house to help guide you along the way.  
And most importantly, the owners are the primary instructors.  This means they have a genuine interest in your performance and growth.  These instructors have competed, and won, at every rank all the way to blackbelt invitational events which ensures you're getting a proven product. 

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Our facility 

  HYBRID's central downtown location at 310 Salem Ave is convenient from anywhere in the valley.  
  It is 3500 square feet and is fully equipped with professional grade training equipment which includes
         an enormous 30x60 seamless mat 
  • multiple thai style heavy bags
  • professional grade thai pads 
  • professional grade focus mits
  • seperate dressing rooms WITH showers
  • and most importantly, the mat is cleaned on a daily basis

       What sets us apart

  • established in 2001, we are the valley's ORIGINAL mixed martial arts facility
  • 4 judo blackbelts   and the home of the original Roanoke Judo CLub
  • the only true Muay Thai program in the valley
  •  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts certified directly from Pedro Sauer himself, and they have competed and won at every belt level 
  • we average 18-20 people per class
  • instructors that have competed in everything we offer and actually won at even the invitational level
  • no long term contracts, no hidden fees.
  • LEO, Fire/EMS & public safety discount
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Muay Thai kickboxing
Muay Thai Kickboxing
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
310 Salem Ave
Downtown Roanoke

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